Kratom Opiate Withdrawal

I am a professional truck driver who never never uses Kratom on my on duty time. ABUSE this plant. Go ahead and flame me all you want.

It takes around a week or two to kick in but the effects are amazing. kratom effects dangerous Kratom Opiate Withdrawal i have heard of it. I will look into it further.

I felt anxious guilty and could not keep from thinking about only the

NEGATIVE things going on in my life: Bills my car not passing emissions etc. Things I would never give a second thought to absolutely CRUSHED and seemed to BRUISE MY SOUL. Then the sleeplessness began.

I get my dose of kratom. It has only been 5 weeks but I know my body is addicted because I am having withdrawal symptoms. My plan is to stop Kratom Opiate Withdrawal taking the kratom cold turkey. I have 4 straight days off and am hoping since I have only best kratom for nod been taking kratom for 5 weeks that I should be through the worst of my physical withdrawal symptoms by then.

I still have to perform on my job as well. This is between me and God. I have a co-worker that helped me out with a couple of benzos and at night a little bud to help sleep. I will get up in the middle of the night and take a melatonin come back to bed and toss and turn until I fall out. God my wife kids and of course me.

Some chills but not like day one. HTP and the kava. You can get kava kava online.

Going to stick with this for a few days and then cut the doses some more. Kratom Opiate Withdrawal My plan is to see where I am at for the weekend of the 30th (14 days from now) because I will have a four day Kratom Opiate Withdrawal weekend and will be going to a wedding out of town and other than going to the wedding I can lay around sick if I feel Kratom Opiate Withdrawal like it. Wish I never would have gotten on this stuff.